LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.

In the year 1982, ‘LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.’ was established in Vadodara to manufacture heavy sheet metal parts besides indulging in specialized fabrication. The growth has been consistent and today we credit ourselves as an established Company for Automotive and Engineering leading company in our business segment. Since then, the company evolved into one of the most respected and trusted Automotive Engineering company to meet the ever growing demands of the Automotive Industry crediting itself with customers like Bajaj, GM 2T ( TI, KLT, ASAL etc.), ROHAN BRC, Setco and engineering industries customers like Anchor, Alidhra, MIDCO,

Our crucial benchmark of quality is our customer’s verdict on our products. High level of customer satisfaction is our greatest incentive for which we optimize quality and continually strive to improve further. We reinforce our efforts by providing variety, assuring reliability and ensuring cost effectiveness without compromising on Quality. ‘LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.’ has always accorded highest priority to meet customer expectations by incorporating latest trends in its manufacturing practices in the plant and have added a wide range of presses [ 50 T to 500 T ] both in Mechanical and Hydraulic versions to add value to its capabilities besides adding facilities for Pipe auto bending . On the other hand latest Welding gadgets like stationary and portable spot welding, seam welding, MIG/TIG welding, submerged arc welding and SPMs etc. have been added to strengthen its Welding acumen. All these acquisitions and practices have propelled LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.’ to emerge as a respected single source supplier in almost 80% customers (2004 to 2012) for this segment.