LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
Engineering FacilityQuality Assurance

Inspection: (Quality Assurance)

  • All Instruments are calibrated from NABL accredited Labs as per calibration plan.
  • All Raw Materials are tested both in-house and where required thro independent accredited Laboratories.
  • During Production Stage wise Inspection is carried out to ensure Zero Defects at final stages.
  • Minimum first 5 and last 2 samples are being checked during part or assembly production.
  • Complicated arc edge profiles are given a wire cut master sample for the in-process blank profile verification. Master samples are also treated as a fixture for the blank operation.
  • Any change in drawing entails master sample modifications as per requirement.

Fixtures :

  • All operations are given a specific fixture to save inspection time and manual errors.
  • Even Small operations like piercing, notching etc are also being given fixtures or GO-NO- GO gauges for in-process dimensions identification.
  • MSA study like R&R, Bias, Linearity, Cp- Cpk, Attribute, Variable etc are available.
  • Process capability, special process awareness is given to the concerned person with the help of FMEA.

Final Checking fixtures are also provided to customers for verification at their end.